Below are some of my most used sites when designing.


Here is Adobe Colour CC, it helps find interesting colour schemes.



This is another tool to help with choosing colours, this is more relevant to app design. It really helped me refine my colour palette for my app.

colour thing!/?view.left=0&view.right=0&primary.color=E0E0E0


99Designs is a great site I highly recommend for designers looking for some extra cash and experience. You sign up and they have contests where you are given a brief and you design something, from logos to apps, and then if you win, you can get money! Some is small amounts of money, like $100, but some are over $1000.99designs


If you’re like be and prefer writing out rough sketches on paper, then this next link is one you’ll love. It’s Android sketch paper! I write a lot of storyboards when planning to film, and so it a very similar concept. However it doesn’t have a grid like the iOS version I am about to show you.


Printable A4 Screen Flow Sketch Template [Free Download]


This is iOS sketch paper, and it has a grid!

grid paper


The following link contains both iOS and Android icons which are downloadable as svg and png in black or white, and they’re all FREE!



My all time favourite part of design, typography. I use heaps of different free font sites and I will link them below:

1001 fonts

1001 Fonts –

font squirrel

Font Squirrel –


Dafont –


And of course, Pinterest. It is a great tool for organising all of your inspiration for app design. If you use Chrome, I highly recommend using the Pinterest add-on extension which allows you to pin almost any image from any site that you are on. Below is a link to my Pinterest App Design board.