MyPawPal – User Scenario

App features

The app allows its users to:

  • Store each of your pets details
  • Training videos, quick tips and links you to an online forum so you can ask the community questions
  • You can store your local vet, if you take your pet with you somewhere, you can store that in the app so in case of emergency, you can get to the nearest vet quickly
  • It also has a calendar which shows pet birthdays, upcoming vet appointments, puppy school etc and also sends you notifications
  • It also has a shopping list and daily tasks, so shopping list could be food, new bed etc, daily tasks could be “walk dog at 7am” etc with notifications
  • You can store the pet’s insurance details and a quick share button if your pets get lost
  • It also has a pet minding section where you can put in pet sitters you have used and liked, prices of pet boarding in places etc. (this may be removed)


Main audience/users

My main users will be adult pet owners, specifically dog owners as it has more dog training videos than others. It allows you to put in information about any type of pet, but because of the training videos, it is more suited to dog owners, it also has some cat videos so they would be a secondary audience.


User Scenario 1

Sally is an animal lover. She has 2 dogs, a cat and a rabbit. She uses MyPawPal to keep track of all her pets. But one day as Sally was running late for work, she forgot to pull the front door fully closed. When she got home, she found one of her dogs was injured beside the road and her other pets were missing. In a panic, Sally calls her local vet which is saved in the MyPawPal app which also has the after-hours number for her to call. She can get her dog to the vet quickly as she was able to inform her vet so quickly. As her dog is in surgery, she also is worried about her other missing pets, so she uses MyPawPal to quickly send out her pet’s information and images to all of her social medias and contacts. Her friends all see the distress she is in and go to her house to look for her pets. Sally’s friends use the information she sent them to print out missing posters to put around the community. Soon, many people are helping to find her pets.  She also uses her pet’s insurance details which are saved in the app, to call her insurer to ensure she will get proper care for her dog. Luckily, they, all her pets are found safe and brought back to Sally’s home before she gets back from the vet.

She also logs this vet visit and the next few visits for her injured dog. Puts in daily tasks to notify her when she needs to give her dog its meds.

With the useful app and its’ hierarchy of important features like the vet, emergency share button and the insurance details, this terribly stressful time was made slightly easier by having all this information stored in one app on her phone.

User Scenario 2

Greg is a new dog owner. He has an app for helping him train his puppy, an app for tracking his puppies vet information, an app to store his puppy’s health details such as allergies, but all of these apps are cluttering his phone which is making his life even more chaotic and cluttered. He wants an app that combines all of these features. He finds MyPawPal. He downloads the app and sees there is a, “My Pets” section. He opens the section and enters in his pets information and allergies. He then notices there’s an insurance section, he opens this section and finds to his delight, that a lot of the information has synced to this section so he doesn’t have to re-enter the same information again. He fills out the missing parts with the information he has. Then he decides he wants to watch a video on how to make his dog stay as he was having difficulty with his puppy running out the door as he leaves for work each day. He opens the training app and goes to basic commands and watches the “stay” video. He then leaves the app to go train his puppy.

User Scenario 3

Tim owns a lizard and a snake. He heard from his friend that there is an app that is great for storing your pet’s information such as allergies, age, insurance details and vet information and that it also has some great training videos, but they didn’t say what kind of training videos. He decides he would like that to organise his pet’s information and maybe see if he can train his lizard to climb a ladder to his second storey of his enclosure. Tim downloads the app which was recommended by a friend, MyPawPal. Tim is sceptical because it has “paw” in the name. He opens the app and sees he can put in a lot of handy information. But he decides to check out the training videos first. He opens the basics section and sees its mainly all dog videos, with the occasional cat video. Tim decides the app is not for him and uninstalls the app.


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