My rough site flow/map for “MyPawPal”

MyPawPal site flow
MyPawPal site flow

My app so far will have on the home screen:

  • My Pets
  • Training
  • My Vets
  • Calendar and Tasks
  • Emergency and Insurance
  • Pet Minding

There are a few apps out there that have a few of these functions, but none that have them all combined. I didn’t want to have to install five or so different (mostly badly designed) apps, it just wastes space and makes my phone cluttered. This app will provide you will the basic information in the one place. Most people have busy lifestyles so they want to get the information they want quickly without hassle which is why I have put these functions all into one app. It will also have a function that will have all your pets insurance information able to be quickly accessed in case of an emergency, and a quick social media share/print button if your pet goes missing so you can inform friends and make missing posters stress free, giving you more time to search for your furry friend.



Add a little info button to the home screen that will have a link to the MyPawPal Facebook page and have some contact for the app developers so you can get in contact with people who are having issues with the app, but also to join users of the app together through social media. I had this idea from seeing some bad reviews of a similar iOS app where people who frustrated because the app was having issues and they couldn’t get in contact the the developers to get help.


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